Strategy & Assessment

Cloud consulting and planning.

The team at Amber Innovations can help evaluate your cloud-readiness, assess the suitability of the application and your legacy systems, improve security and compliance, increase ROI and develop a cloud roadmap that will empower your organization to a seamless migration.


Cloud Enablement

Cloud development and migration services - build, deploy and migrate.

The team of experts at Amber Innovations provides support in serverless technologies, devOps practices and the development of scalable cloud-native applications across several public/private/hybrid/community cloud platforms. These include AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VCloud, OpenStack and CloudStack.


Lifecycle Management

Cloud management services - run, monitor, tune, metering, analytics and administration.

Hire On-Demand


In today's business world, advanced technology drives companies more than ever before. Software developers and engineers are the true leaders of our digital world.