Blockchain Application Development

We develop blockchain applications that help in recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust.

The following process is adopted during the development of a block application.

  • Identify the requirements and strategy
  • Use the technology stack that will suit the requirement
  • Work on wireframes and prototypes
  • Create an impressive UI
  • Build secured and reliable applications- entire development stack, from UI designs to deployment of nods
  • Beta testing, audits and deployment

Blockchain Framework

We use various frameworks such as bitcoin, ethereum, hyperledger, multichain, R3, corda, to build a secure and robust blockchain application.

Integration Services

Integration is one of the most important facets of the blockchain platform that requires the assurance that it is properly done, be it with the cloud or with the legacy systems.

Our engineers expedite with precision, and understand the methods of integration to result in a smooth transition.

Testing Services

Our blockchain testers render their best output in ensuring that all the components work well after integration and that they interact in the required fashion.

An array of testing approaches that work best for the technology are hand- picked and specific blockchain frameworks are used in conjunction with standard testing tools.

Blockchain testing frameworks: Ethereum tester, BitconJ, Populus, Truffle, Embark, Hyperledger composer

Standard testing: Functional tests, security tests, integration tests, contract tests, performance tests, peer and node tests.