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We are a think tank of cybersecurity consultants who understand the mechanics and business value of risk reduction. We deliver objectively valuable insight through quantitative risk analysis, assessments and penetration testing.

Cybersecurity is, at the end of the day, about business risk reduction. We work to make all of our communication fit the audience and avoid ‘geek speak’ wherever possible.

Application Security Monitoring

Amber CyberEye represents the marriage of a cybersecurity and an application development company.

Application security is in our DNA. We are uniquely suited to deliver effective application security monitoring. Protecting your business isn't a point-in-time event.

Find out how we can help you operate safely in CyberSpace.

 Offer a built-in yearly web application vulnerability scan.

 Create a clear escalation path for emergency issues.

 Offer access to developer resources for coding questions and tasks as needed.

Application Security as a Service

Application Security monitoring PLUS Continuous Penetration Testing = Application Security as a Service.

Application security monitoring is critically important to the security of your web application and if this application drives revenue, it requires a yearly penetration test.

The most economical way to manage this level of security long term is to combine these two activities into one affordable service.

 All of the features included in the Application Monitoring Service are included.

 Initial penetration test included. for emergency issues.

 Detailed findings report containing all validated security vulnerabilities from our penetration test.

Application Vulnerability Assessment

By some estimates, 55% of cybersecurity compromises last year were targeted at applications, half of which were against web applications. It is an unfortunate reality that hackers are often able to exploit applications to steal sensitive data.

The best way to protect your website from compromise is through an Application Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Test.

 All of the technical elements you need to begin to quantify the overall business risks built into your web application

 A high-level Findings report based on our review of your site

 A follow-up call between our application security experts and your technical team to explain the issues in the report

Application Penetration Testing

Simple security tools are often not adequate protection against these attacks.

A Cybersecurity Penetration Test can highlight the exact technical issues you can address to reduce your risk.

We emulate the same tactics/tools and techniques used by the bad guys, and give you plain English results and recommendations.

 Attackers target your business without your knowledge or permission.

 Many of these attacks are automated and will exploit weaknesses regardless of target size or value.

 These attacks often lead to business disruption and/or loss of sensitive data.

Security in Our DNA

Our service represents the marriage of a cybersecurity and an application development company. Application security is in our DNA. We are uniquely suited to effective application security monitoring.

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