Web mining creates a shift in the world wide web (WWW) towards an environment, where users can easily and rapidly find the information they require.

However, the management of such a vast amount of data can create a challenge for any business, and for that we have created management solutions.

Our CMS solutions are best in class and cover all aspects of cutting-edge solutions that include security, multilingual functionality, content distribution, SEO tools, rapid customer support, mobile adaptability and seamless integrations. We also have expertise in developing various types of CMS, such as traditional CMS, headless CMS among others.

Products & Platforms

Our CMS process:

  • Understanding the customer portfolio
  • Specifications and planning
  • Development and integration
  • Testing and implementation
  • Intranet websites for corporates
  • Online magazines, newspaper and publication websites
  • Education/e-learning websites, art and music, multimedia websites
  • Government/NGO websites
  • Develop custom modules/plugins
  • Third party tools or plug-in integration (such as chat, forum, blog, search engine etc.)
  • Social network integration (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Bug fixing, support, maintenance, support


Social Media Optimization.

Today’s social media users respond to the availability of content, and have the ability to define the content they want to see. Therefore, in order to reach the client’s target audience, social media content must connect by being exciting, entertaining and engaging to the users. We see our clients through the various stages of identifying their social media objectives, specifying the target audience, creating engaging content/strategy that not only grabs and keeps the audience’s attention but also converts them to brand loyalists.

Our SMO services includes:

  • Social Media Page Management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Listening
  • Video Campaigns

Content Writing

Our content writing services are suitable for all media including websites, brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials.

We strive to deliver the appropriate content for our client’s audience and media, define their target market and create a connection between target and brand.

Online Reputation Management

Your brand isn't what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is

Social Media is two-way communication platform. Here, you create content and share, on the other side, your audience will share their views and opinions about you, your services / products. As Social Media has given a voice to people, it has become very important for brands to listen to the voice of the customer all the time, and control it before it damages your reputation.

A single angry / dissatisfied customer speaking negatively about you can cause a lot of damage to your reputation, as on social media, content snowballs and gathers momentum very quickly. And if you are not proactively listening to your customers online then things will get out of hand soon.

If you are a brand / company that caters to masses and have a nationwide or worldwide presence, then social listening becomes even more important because of the sheer volume of conversation that takes place. We understand how important Social Listening and Reputation Management are for the success of your brand.

How do we execute?

  • We use different online tools to listen to customer conversations all the time whenever / whatever they discuss about you, your products / services
  • We take part in such conversations, and try to salvage situation / protect reputation
  • If there is a disgruntled customer, we will pass details to your customer services team who can take it up on priority
  • We reply to comments on your social media pages and profiles
  • If a customer enquiries about your products / services, we immediately pass it to your sales team