Artificial intelligence (AI) is the concept of machines having the capability of carrying out tasks that would be considered “smart” while machine learning (ML) is a current application of AI, founded on the concept that we should actually be able to provide the machines access to data and allow them the ability to learn for themselves.

The team at Amber Innovations leverages its expertise in AI and ML to help clients in optimizing their businesses, improving productivity and delivering groundbreaking innovations to create competitive advantages.

Our aim is to provide leading-edge, innovative app development services to start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises alike, introducing to them to a fresh perspective on problem-solving.

Business Case Planning

Jotting out the shortcomings, challenges, and results to develop the right business case.

A positive roadmap is developed with preset objectives, with a business case describing the plan of the project exhaustively.

  • A comprehensive approach for AI roadmap development.
  • Compliance to corporate standards and profitability.
  • The business case focused on project phases, alternate methods, Possibilities, Financial Proforma, etc. which are hailed to be critical aspects of implementation.
  • Comparison analysis of AI application integration with the available business models.

Business Process Assessment (BPA)

Process assessment to measure the performance, evaluate ROI and think on new possibilities.

  • BPA tools to reveal bottlenecks and challenges in the project.
  • Highlight on core enhancements, cost minimization, the requirement for the redesign.
  • Include metrics like cost, flexibility, time quality, customer satisfaction, value, project scope, and deadlines.

Data Management

Data mining, Data strategies, Data quality, Data governance, and Data integration

Our team of Data Experts provide data strategies along with advanced, and secured architectural space. A vast quantity of data empowers accuracy and valued performance in AI solution. Below are the measures undertaken when handling database systems in AI.

  • Data Locality
  • Data Durability
  • Data Scalability

Customization and Integration

Customized model deployment, Secured integration with cloud computing

Empowering enterprises to retransform with progressive functions and customizable features.

  • Discovery and Analysis
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Development and Integration
  • Deployment and Support
  • Performance engineering and enhancement

Risk and Compliance

Increase compliance control, policy management effectiveness, and risk mitigation programs.

A holistic approach toward managing compliance and keep risks in check.

  • Adopt a unique compliance strategy
  • Right combination of Technology and tools
  • Framework to manage compliance risk
  • Increased collaboration
  • Enterprise-wide risk management process