We ensure an affordable engagement model that serves our clients.

Our distinct engagement model puts our clients in control of their businesses, while we assume the risks.

Our business approach is people centric and we strive to deliver the best consulting services to our clients. Our creative problem solving is a unique value proposition that we bring to your business planning. Our solutions are always leading edge and targeted so that they can be adopted even in an ever-changing environment.

Project Based

End to end and hassle-free delivery is a major advantage that we assure our clients.

Our focus on efforts to create an affordable, creative solution for our clients has given us our very own niche within the custom solutions provider market. Before we begin each project, we always present clearly defined business requirements and deliverables.

A full-fledged team and dedicated resources are always assigned to work on each project, and they ensure that scalability is not affected in any way.

Outcomes Based

In this type of engagement model, customers can minimize costs associated with product downtime, strengthen field service operations and focus on growing other areas of their business.

Moving to an outcomes-based model of service bonds providers and customers in a way that significantly increases the level of trust and partnership.

The outcomes-based transaction can go on for years instead of the traditional one-off or ad hoc service organization/customer relationship. This stronger bond highlights the importance of field service organizations meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Niche Skill

Talent tapped. Marvelous performance delivered.

Skilled engineers are sought in the IT world and the right person assigned to the right task in any project makes a vast difference.

We are capable of assembling a team at short notice or adding staff to make up for what your team is missing. Our engineers and consultants strive to get our clients the best solutions, regardless of the requirements. Meticulous effort goes into the process of finding the right fit for you. Our staff is handpicked based on the distinct requirements of each company. Our candidates are chosen based on not just technical expertise, but also on other vital criteria such as cultural fit, communication skills and ability to adapt to team dynamics.

Product Solution Engineers

Data Science Lab

Simple BI tools are not capable of processing large volumes and variety of data.

As such, more complex and advanced analytical tools and algorithms are required for processing, analyzing and extracting meaningful insights from the data. Now, with this vast amount and variety of data, models can be trained more effectively, and products can be recommended to our clients’ customers with more precision.

Data science is used primarily to make decisions and predictions using predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics (predictive plus decision science) and machine learning. Thus, the importance of data science has resulted in the establishment of managed R&D data labs, used to create new and innovative solutions for data management and manipulations

Hire Developers

Attracting, training and retaining specialized IT talent - is a big challenge for many organizations.

And, with the rapidly evolving technologies and business needs, sourcing right IT resources at right time has become big pain area. Our “Resource as a Service” is solution for this problem. You get access to our in-house talent pool of 1500+ people which helps you to finish your projects on-time, within budget. Amber Innovation specializes in delivering cutting edge digital transformation and technology services which empower global businesses to outperform competition, improve productivity and optimize costs.